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Perfect Supplements -- Use code SOLEILNUTRITION10 for 10% off!
- Organic superfoods
Trace Minerals
- Known for their mineral drops
Mountain Rose Herbs
- Loose herbs and teas, some sold in bulk
Earthley Wellness  -- New customers, use code CHOOSENATURAL for 10% off!
- Herbal remedies 
- For energy, chronic disease, and cognition
Crucial Four
- Organic superfoods
Beekeeper’s Naturals -- Get $10 off your first order through this link!
- Honey-based products
Organic Olivia
- Herbal remedies
Lifeblud Co -- Use coupon code SOLEILNUTRITION for 10% off!
- For energy ("bioenergetics")
Heart & Soil
- Animal-based nutrients


Single Supplements

Innate Vitality Magnesium Glycinate
One Elevated Methyl-Folate
Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder
Rosita Cod Liver Oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil



Loose-leaf tea, such as those sold at Mountain Rose Herbs

Buddha Tea
Numi Tea
Yogi Tea
Celebration Herbals
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